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  • BFCE visit to Minia University
  • Commission Hosts a Seminar on“Solutions of the Challenges that Face Higher Education Globally with Focus on Egypt"
  • Commission's Outreach Visits
  • Commission's Outreach Visits at Al Azhar University and Dar Al-Ulum College at Cairo University
  • A Panel Discussion on
  • HHH Alumni Workshop on “Early Detection and Intervention Skills at Dentistry Clinics for Addiction Patients”
  • Commission’s Science Circle Annual Entrepreneurship Competition
  • Fulbright Outreach Visit to Alexandria
  • Living along the Nile
  • Commission Hosts its Annual Alumni Conference
  • Humanities Circle Hosts a Roundtable , “ Knowledge Production and Management”
  • Science Circle Convenes 3rd Conference, “Egypt: Towards Sustainable Energy”

  • BFCE visit to Minia University, 4/6/2016
    On April 6th and 7th, 2016, the BFCE team visited the University of Minia and conducted two information sessions to announce Fulbright grant opportunities and to offer guidance on the application process for the Scholar and Student Programs, as well as student grant opportunities in the field of Islamic Studies. BFCE also hosted an alumni event, which was attended by Dr. Gamal Aboul Majd, the President; the university's Vice Presidents Dr. Sayed Sohayem and Dr. Mohamad Galal; two former University Presidents who are alumni of the Fulbright Commission's University Management Program, Dr. Maher Mostafa Kamel and Dr. Abdel Moneim Basiouny; three former VIce Presidents, Dr. Ahmed Zahran, Dr. Ahmed Mustafa and Dr. Ahmed Elsayed; the university's CIO, Dr. Essam Eldin Farahat; as well as nine deans and several prominent professors. Recent Fulbright alumni like Dr. Inas Fahmy, Fulbright Scholar Program 2007-08, and Dr. Eltayeb Adris, Fulbright Scholar Program 2012-13 shared their academic and cultural experiences in the U.S. The team held several strategic planning meetings with the university's leadership and visited the University of Minia Art Museum, one of the largest university museums in the world.

    Commission Hosts a Seminar on“Solutions of the Challenges that Face Higher Education Globally with Focus on Egypt", 4/10/2016


    On February 21, the Alumni Office of the Commission in cooperation with the US Embassy hosted a seminar titled:  “Solutions of the Challenges that Face Higher Education Globally with Focus on Egypt.” The talk was given by Dr.  John Cavanaugh, President and CEO of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Dr. Cavanaugh's addressed in his talk the quality assurance and accreditation challenges in the U.S. and provided a big-picture overview of higher education in the U.S.   Approximately thirty alumni and contacts from academia attended that timely seminar.  The seminar was followed by a networking dinner where participants had a chance to further discuss Egypt challenges in that regard and how his views for solutions can be tailored  to enhancing education in Egypt. 






    Commission's Outreach Visits, 3/14/2016

    This is a busy time for us at the Commission as the program teams are enthusiastically recruiting for our HEI, Islamic and Student Programs. Our goal is to maximize geographic, demographic and gender diversity. We have visited Universities in Helwan, Mansoura, Ismailia and Tanta. In the next few weeks, we have scheduled visits at Alexandria, Damanhour, Menoufia, Minia and Ain Shams Universities. We continue to utilize the expertise of our binational board and our alumni to reach out to niche applicants. BFCE leadership has met with the American Chamber of Commerce Industry and Trade Committee, Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Research, Head of Culture and Missions Division, Deputy Minister of Education for Technical and Vocational Training and the Governor of Giza to reach applicants beyond academia. On January 28, we met with the National Committee of Deans of Nursing schools under the auspices of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. On Feb 23rd, we launched a series of information and proposal writing training sessions for candidates from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Applied Arts and Music Education at the Former Royal Art College in Zamalek and on March 2nd, the team held an information session at the National Center for Radiation Research and Technology. For information on the student program, please visit:




    Commission's Outreach Visits at Al Azhar University and Dar Al-Ulum College at Cairo University, 3/14/2016

    Dr. Maggie Nassif, Ms. Ranya Rashed and Mr. Asser Hany met with Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research of Al Azhar University, Prof. Ashraf Attia and Former Dean of Al Azharite College for Girls, Prof. Gihan Ibrahim on February 28. The team also visited the College of Dar Al-Ulum at Cairo University on March 6th and met with the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Alaa Raafat and members of the faculty’s council, to announce this year’s opportunities for graduates of Islamic Studies who are interested in pursuing a Masters or a PhD degree in the U.S. In addition, Fulbright offers one-year grants, for persons registered for the Ph.D. degree who wish to collect data in the U.S. For more information on Islamic Studies grants, please visit:


    A Panel Discussion on, 2/3/2016

    On Sunday, January 10, the Commission in cooperation with Gezira Art Center hosted a panel discussion titled:  “The Art Economy in Egypt:  Challenges, Needs and Opportunities.” Over 100 guests mostly members of the  Art community in Egypt and Fulbright alumni joined the discussion. This panel discussion event was triggered by the exhibition of visiting American alumna and Visual Artist, Mariam Stephen, MFA, Associate Professor, Painting, Director of Graduate Studies, Art, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Based on her Fulbright experience in 2011, Mariam’s  painting were displayed at Gezira Art Center from December  30-January 12.  In addition to Mariam, the panel discussion brought together Egyptian artists who spoke about the challenges they are facing in creating art spaces like Moataz Nasreldin, Visual Artist, Founder of Darb 1718 and Hamdy Reda, Visual Artist and Curator and Founder of Artellewa. Fulbright alumnus Khaled Hafez, MFA,  Freelance Visual Artist, spoke about his experience in Egypt and abroad and the difficulties of sustaining himself as an artist and how does funding organizations function.  Following the panel discussion,  the floor was opened to the audience for comments and questions that reflected further the needs and opportunities.  The discussion was organized and moderated by Fulbright Art alumni, Bassem Yousri, Visual Artist and Filmmaker and Haytham Nawar, Assistant Professor, Department of the Arts, American University in Cairo.  In line with the Commission’s role to enhance the value added of its alumni gained expertise to the community, it is the plan that this event would be followed by a number of other events showing new approaches for connecting Art, Archelogy and Tourism to the Egyptian economy.  The Commission is thankful to Amir El Leithy, Visual Artist and Director of Gezira Art Center, for his efforts in facilitating the hosting of the event.

    Alumnus Bassem Yousri introducing the event and panelists

    HHH Alumni Workshop on “Early Detection and Intervention Skills at Dentistry Clinics for Addiction Patients”, 1/28/2016

    Participants Group Picture with Trainers and Dr. Mohamed Diaa

    On January 6, the Commission in cooperation with  the Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University hosted a workshop for approximately forty house officer doctors titled:  “Early Detection and Intervention Skills at Dentistry Clinics for Addiction Patients.”  The workshop covered the screening, brief intervention and referrals for substance abuse patients focusing on tobacco addiction.  The workshop was given by the following Hubert H. Humphrey alumni: Dr. Amany Haroun El Rasheed, Professor of Psychiatry,  Faculty  of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Dr. Walid Hassan, Lecturer of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University and Dr. Mohamed El Hamshary, Medical Manager for Psychological Medicine Hospital.  The Commission is thankful to Dr. Khaled Abdel Khafar, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Dr.  Mohamed Diaa, Vice Dean for Community and Environmental Development Affairs for facilitating the hosting of the workshop.


    Commission’s Science Circle Annual Entrepreneurship Competition, 12/22/2015

    On Thursday, December 10, 2015,  the Science Circle of the Commission in cooperation with the National Research Center in Egypt, held its annual competition for entrepreneurs titled:  Annual Entrepreneurship Competition in Science and Engineering. The competition aims to overcome barriers to entry for young scientists in EGYPT, hindering the application of innovative research ideas and transforming them into pertinent technologies. The endeavor is designed to let these young minds experience the processes of design, synthesis, strategy, packaging, and presentation.   Approximately, 110 guests from academia, research institutes and high schools in STEM fields joined the competition.  Seven selected teams out of the twenty teams that applied for the competition gave their presentations in the different fields of science and engineering.   The key note speech that addressed the components of a successful enterprise was given by Dr. Wael Kortam, Professor of Marketing and Head of Department of Business Administration Department, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University. The Commission is thankful for the efforts of Dr. Mohamed Hashem, Vice President for Research, National Research Center for facilitating the hosting of such an important event.  Gratitude is due to all alumni  representatives for recruiting and mentoring teams at 11 universities and research institutes all over Egypt. The Steering Committee members’ role for the past six months was indispensable for the success of this competition. Committee membership included: Dr. Hani Moubasher, Professor of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Cairo University; Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Dr. Sherif Elnagdy, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Cairo University and Dr. Rasha Hamad, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University. Through such educational activities, Commission’s alumni enhance the multiplier effect of their Fulbright experience.


    Presenting teams with the Steering Committee

    Fulbright Outreach Visit to Alexandria, 12/13/2015

    Dr. Maggie Nassif at Pharos University

    On Nov 14 and 15 , Dr Maggie Nassif, Executive Director of BFCE conducted an outreach visit to Alexandria where she visited Pharos University, the University of Alexandria, the Alexandria Business Association and the Banat Alnoor Association for visually impaired girls. Dr. Nassif discussed ways for collaboration and alumni involvement as well as advised on the different Fulbright opportunities that suit the diverse demographics these various organizations serve.


    Living along the Nile, 11/10/2015

    On Oct. 29, 2015, the Science Circle of the Commission hosted a symposium titled "Living along the Nile"  on  issues related to water in Egypt. The keynote speech  given by Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Metawie, Professor at the National Water Research Center and Ex-Chairman of the Nile Water Sector, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation,  focused  on the impacts of climate change on the Nile basin as a whole and what can be done to mitigate them. In the Science and Engineering Session, health, agricultural and environmental constraints were addressed by:   Dr. Hussein Mansour, Expert and Head of Food Safety Agency Management Team, the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade, Dr. Ali Afify, Postdoctoral Researcher Applied Center for Entomonematodes, Cairo University  and Dr. Shireen Assem, Director, Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute. In the Legal and Humanities Session, issues related to the river Nile in Egyptian history and in modern Egyptian literature were tackled in addition to an overview of the touristic impact and the legal and political dimensions of the Nile water agreement by:   Dr. Waseem Elseesy, Professor of Urology, Dr. Jasmine Moussa, Assistant Professor of Law, American University in Cairo, Dr. Ghada Abdel Hafeez, Chair of the English Department, Faculty of Arts, Minia University, Dr. Shaza Gamal Ismail, Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Helwan University. It concluded by a set of recommendations for future steps that need to be taken in order to live along the Nile in a sustainable way where  Amb. Sherif Eissa, being in charge of the Nile file at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the efforts being taken to date. The Steering Committee of the conference was comprised of  Commission’s distinguished alumni from Science and Humanities Circles led by Dr. Hany Hamroush (Chairman of the Conference), Dr. Mariam El Deeb, Professor of Poultry Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Assuit University; Dr. Abdel Fattah Badr, Professor of Genetics, Faculty of Science, Helwan University; Dr. Nagwa Nawar, Professor of Chemistry, Mansoura University and Dr. Ali Afifi, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Applied Center for Entomonematodes, Cairo University.  The symposium succeeded in bringing together, academia, research institutes and decision and policy makers represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Dr. Maggie Nassif (left), Mr. Adnan Siddiqi and Dr. Hany Hamroush

    Commission Hosts its Annual Alumni Conference, 10/20/2015

    Group picture of alumni at the conference

    On September 9, the Commission in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, hosted its first annual alumni academic conference.  The conference included talks by returning Fulbrighters of the last two academic years, AY2013-2014 and AY2014-2015,  who presented on their academic research and training in the US.  Each gave a 10-minute presentation outlining his/her work and its findings and shared cultural experiences acquired in the US with fellow Fulbrighters. 


    This was followed by our annual alumni reception hosted this year by the  H.E. Ambassador R. Stephen Beecroft, Ambassador of the U.S. to Egypt to congratulate returning Egyptian Fulbrighters on the successful finalization of their grants and thank BFCE board and team for their dedication to serve the cause of enhancing education opportunities in Egypt.



    Humanities Circle Hosts a Roundtable , “ Knowledge Production and Management”, 6/11/2015

    On May 17, the alumni of the Commission’s Humanities Circle in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University co-hosted a conversation titled: “Knowledge Production and Management.”The Helwan University roundtable builds on the ongoing Thematic Conversations held over the last few years at the Middle East Studies Association Conference (MESA) at which Dr. Maggie Nassif, Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission in Egypt, Dr. Loubna Youssef, Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University and Dr. Walid el Hamamsy, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University participated at previous MESA conferences held in the US. The MESA discussions have been tackling issues of dynamics and economies of producing, publishing, disseminating and receiving academic as well as creative writing. The Bi-national Fulbright Commission is bringing this discussion to Egypt in an effort to engage in the shaping of the national research landscape and intellectual discourse. To this end, Fulbright alumna, Dr. Areeg Ibrahim (Yale University, 2005-2006), Associate Professor, English Department, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, shared her experience in translating in a multi-phase project titled ‘Theatre and the City’, while Dr. Loubna Youssef, outlined the challenges she  faced in portraying the cultural and local imaging while translating ¼ Gram. Dr. Mohamed Hesham, Lecturer, English Department,  Faculty of Arts, Helwan University discussed the complexity of multiple language translations of Roger Garaudy’s text titled ‘Le Procès du Sionisme. Finally, Dr. Walid el Hamamsy, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, spoke about his experience in co-editing his book on diverse popular cultures with Routledge. 


    The Helwan University roundtable marks the launching of this dialogue in Egypt. In the next academic year,  BFCE will be hosting similar discussions at other Egyptian campuses and engaging local faculty and authors.

    Dr. Maggie Nassif (middle) with the Chair of the English Dept. and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts

    Science Circle Convenes 3rd Conference, “Egypt: Towards Sustainable Energy”, 6/4/2015

    Dr. Abdelfattah Badr (middle), Dr. Mohamed Elsobky (left) and Dr. Mohamed Elsalamawy (right)

    On May 14, the Commission’s Science Circle conducted the third of its conferences titled: “Egypt:  Towards Sustainable Energy”  addressing energy as one of the major scientific and economical challenges facing Egypt in the coming few years.  This conference focused on energy future plans for Egypt with particular emphasis on renewable energies; including relatively new sources like geothermal energy.  Co-hosted by the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University, the conference continued an initiative that begun in July 2011 at the City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications titled “Fulbrighters Face Egypt’s Scientific Challenges”  where Fulbrighters and other scientists from nearly twenty universities and institutes focused on three of Egypt’s critical problems – energy, food and water.  Approximately sixty faculty members, students, experts, government officials and industry representatives joined the Fulbright Science Circle.  It featured talks and discussions between several prominent speakers in the field and industry of energy, including but not limited to, Dr. Mohamed Elsobky, Executive Director of the New And Renewable Energy Authority; Dr. Eng. Hafez Abdel-Aal Elsalamawy, Managing Director of the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency; Prof. Dr. Sherif Mourad, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University; Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad, Professor Mechanical Engineering, Managing Director, Energy in Buildings Laboratory, Cairo University, Leader of Fulbright Science Circle; Prof. Dr. Hany Moubasher, Professor of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Fulbright Alumnus; Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hammam, Professor of Physics, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Fulbright Alumnus; Eng. Amr Saeed, CEO, Miraco Carrier Egypt; Eng. Saleh Abd El Alim, Director of Business Development, Duravit Egypt; Eng. Osama Mokhtar, CEO, Green Tech Solutions for Power Generation; Eng. Hossam Arafa, General Manager, Class A International; Prof. Dr. Yasser Moustafa, Professor, Egyptian Petroleum Institute and Dr. Hesham Safwat, Lecturer, British University in Egypt, in addition to, a group of nationally renowned experts; each a leading authority in his field addressed the audience and the Fulbright scholars who are keen to play a positive role in the development of Egypt.


    The conference steering committee included the following distinguished Fulbright Alumni:

    ·        Dr. Mahmoud Fouad (University of California – Berkley 1986- 1987),  Professor of Mechanical Engineering -    Cairo University and current Leader of the Science Circle

    ·       Dr. Hani Moubasher (University of California - Davis 2001-2002), Professor of Biotechnology - Cairo University 

    ·        Dr. Mahmoud Hammam (University of Pennsylvania (1985-1986), Professor of Physics of Helwan University



    Through these and other activities, the Commission’s Science Circle brings together Egyptian science, decision makers and industry together to utilize gained knowledge and expertise to help solve Egypt’s pressing needs and contribute to it economic growth.


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